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Welcome to a very special place for children where wonderful things will happen! Administrators, caring and supportive teachers and staff, and enthusiastic and involved parents, collaborate and work closely together to provide the best educational experience for the students in Kingston Elementary School. Kingston School is located on Kingston Road in the Kingston Estates section , and is part of the award-winning Cherry Hill, New Jersey school district. There are approximately 400 students attending Kingston School in Grades K - 5, coming to us from all over the world with various cultural backgrounds. Our school was built in 1956, and is named after the community in which it is located. Our school colors are blue and white, and our school mascot is the Kingston Bulldog.

Kingston School takes special pride in its faculty and staff and their dedication to the education of their students.

Kingston School is supported by an active PTA and is known as a tight knit community where our children come first.

Kingston Highlights

Parents of 4th and 5th Grade Students

In order to help evaluate the effectiveness and impact of our departmentalization pilot, I am in the process of collecting survey data from teachers, students and parents. The pilot has students at Kingston in 4th and 5th grade switching classes and teachers working in teams with one teacher doing all of the Language Arts and the other teaching Math, Science and Social Studies for both classes. Please take a moment to complete the parent survey. The data will be fed to a spread sheet to be compiled and evaluated. Once all of the survey data is in, we will examine all of the data to make decisions about how the pilot is going and whether to continue with departmentalization. Please submit the survey responses by February 16th.

Thank You for your input.

Dr. Marble

Carusi 5th Grade Information Night

The Carusi Middle School will host a Carusi Middle School information night for 5th grade students and parents, on Wednesday, February 10th at 7pm. Check Out More Information Here

PTA Mother Son Bowling Event

The PTA will host a Mother Son bowling event at The Big Event (formerly the Playdrome) on January 24th at 11am-1pm.

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Kingston Elementary School

Understanding Dyslexia

Presenter: Deborah Lynam, Decoding Dyslexia

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